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About us

We are three friends, Sébastien P., Brice and Sébastien T. originally from Nice and deeply attached to the French Riviera and its unique territory.

It was from personal experiences and feedback from relatives, after days at a private beaches, that we realized the process of finding a private beach, and booking for it, could be improved.

Based on this finding, we set ourselves the objectives to :

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Make beach booking easy

Customers deserve a seamless, transparent and flexible way to search and book for services at private beaches.

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Help private beaches to digitalise their business

Private beaches need an easier access to digital technologies to improve their operations, without investment nor commitment.

Always looking for new solutions and eager to help, we were keen to use our respective expertise to offer a quality service that best reflected the experience offered by private beaches.

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So it was in 2020, after months of research and development, that we created MySunbed.

We hope you enjoy the booking experience, if so, please do let us know or give your suggestions which we will be sure to respond to.